MB 7 Iron Demo

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Ballistic irons are in high demand, but there is one major barrier that prevents a lot of customers from pulling the trigger, being able to try before you buy, for only $20!

You asked, we listened!

We are now pleased offer a Demo Program in order to get our clubs out to as many interested golfers as possible. The program will work as follows:

  1. All available demos will be listed on this page.
  2. Players will receive a complete 7 iron for the test period.
  3. All demo clubs will be built to standard loft/lie/length.  They will be built with our standard shaft - a 105g stiff flex.
  4. The final cost to the player for this Demo Program is $20 which is used to ensure that the clubs are packaged and shipped properly. When completing the checkout process the golfer will be charged $120 for the iron. HOWEVER, upon return receipt of the clubs at our facility, golfers will be refunded $100.
  5. Demo trial period is 2 weeks.
  6. We will contact you towards the end of the trial period to see how you are getting along with the demo club.  We do realize that there are situations that may not let you test the club as thoroughly as you would like (bad weather, unexpected situations, etc.)  We want you to be able to test the club properly, so at the time of contact, we will address the situation and go from there.
  7. After a successful testing period, we will send you a return label via email to attach to the original packaging that you received the club with.

We have a limited number of demo clubs so please check the website often.  We will do our best to keep expanding our demo inventory.

Please keep in mind that these are demo clubs. They may show minor signs of wear from previous golfers. These are also stock clubs and not custom built to your specifications. We hope that the Demo Program will give you further confidence in the quality of our irons, but please remember that all club purchases will be custom built to your specifications. Whether it is a loft/lie/length adjustment or you need a specific shaft/grip, we will make sure you get exactly what you need for your new irons to perform at their best.

Demo Program available for Continental U.S customers only.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions!

Sale price Price $120.00 Regular price Unit price  per 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Pull The Trigger!

The Demo Iron was great! If you were like me and just wanted to see if the club felt as good as it looked, it definitely answered any questions I had about the Ballistic Golf Irons. The golf club itself was solid, but what was even better was the customer service! The club got to my house way quicker than I expected, and after my two weeks were up the staff asked me how my trial went and was able to get me squared away for the return. I would highly recommend trying the demo iron if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one!

Seth Courtney
Great Iron

Loved the club. The feel and look are unreal. I think the offset and lofts just weren’t for maybe (maybe it was the shaft). The ball came off the face a little lazily and super high so I wasn’t impressed with the trajectory. If the wedges feel anything like the 7 iron, I will be buying them. Still such a sexy club.

Brady Anderson
Looks and Feels Great!

The aesthetics and overall appearance of the iron is one of the best I have seen. It looks really clean! The feel of the club also surprised me. It has a very soft but solid feel that I really liked. Hoping to purchase a set of these soon!

Dexter McGonigal

Great feel and weight. Looks great as well

Charles Mohr
Simply amazing!!! Such a solid club

This has been one of the most amazing feeling clubs I’ve ever hit. I don’t even notice it’s a MB designed club, but I feel like I can’t miss with it. I’ve never been able to work the ball from both directions with a 7-iron before this club. I hate to send it back, but can’t wait to order me a full set. I also got a ton of compliments on it to everyone I showed it to.