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Outstanding Muscleback Irons

The muscleback forged irons put many other of the big name clubs to shame. The simplicity of design, lack of cheesy graphics & clean cut look are incredible.



I absolutely love these irons. Great feel, super consistent distances with a nice high trajectory. I give their customer service a 100/100 as well. I’m now a huge fan


Muscleback Iron Review

Ballistic golf has created the perfect mb. Super clean lines, highly playable, and produced with tight build tolerances. Not an easy feat, but Ballistic did it!


Awesome Clubs

These irons are beautiful and exactly what I am looking for. They feel as amazing as they look.


Absolutely Gorgeous!

I’m very excited about these heads. Each head has the weight stamped to the 1/10th of a gram. They look sleek and stunning. Very players-iron look but not scary butterknife at the top profile.