About Us

Ballistic launched in July of 2019, but the project has been in motion for a few years.  It is the product of a pile of research and an obsessive need to create and be a part of the golf industry.  I'm a guy who has a passion for golf like anyone else who visits this site, scours forums searching for golf equipment info, or cruises Instagram looking at the latest.  You know who you are.  It's in our blood.

There isn't much of a back story to my company besides the passion I mentioned previously.  When you constantly dream about creating something, you have to make a move.  It seemed so clear to me, so let me see what you think by asking a couple questions.

What do you do when you love the game and want to play with equipment that you designed and care about?  What do you do when you want something you can't find?  I'll tell you,  you go out and get it.  You go and create it yourself.  You make it happen.  You make equipment like it ought to be made, then share it with the world. 

That is what Ballistic is all about.  We believe that you should love your equipment as much as you love the game.  There is no better way to do that than playing with classic designs that give you the confidence to pull off the shot you intended to hit.  It's all about going out and kicking par's ass.  Period. 

Ballistic is here to stay.  We will never stop improving.  We want everyone to look great, feel great, and play great so if you're searching high and low for something to propel your game and yourself,  I am pleased to tell you that your search is over.  You can be a part of the Ballistic Family.  We welcome you.


Kyle Carpenter