Forged Muscle Back Irons

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Ballistic Forged MBs are in high demand! Our build shop is busily working to craft custom sets for our loyal customers! Approximate lead time is 2 weeks.  Heads only purchases ship quickly!

Ballistic irons stay true to everything players have come to trust from this classic blade design, with distinct refinements that make them stand above the competition.  Simple, clean, and effective.

  • Slight offset for alluring eye appeal at address
  • Progressive blade length for optimized play throughout the set
  • A sole designed for exceptional turf interaction
  • Consistent launch and versatile playability
  • Irons Conform to the Rules Of Golf


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Don't see a shaft or grip that you'd like? Contact us and we can get you what you're looking for.

Note: Some shaft options have limited availability, we will contact you if this affects your order.

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Sale price Price $699.00 Regular price Unit price  per 

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews

really so pretty~!!
It's muscle, but not difficult. It's just beautiful.
When can I purchase CB?

John G.
Ballistic MB Iron Review

Purchased 5 thru PW MB heads and shafted with 70 gram steel shafts. A consistant D2 Swingweight throughout the set was easy to achieve since the Ballistic head weights were so precise.
WOW- impact feels like butter and I've lost no distance compared to my graphite shafted CB(s). I'm also a fan of the old school weaker lofts- my ball flight tends to be low and this is a game improvement feature for me.
Thank You

Unmatched irons

To say that these irons are great is an understatement. I work in the golf industry and test different clubs weekly. When I received these irons to test I was impressed. First, the look is clean and sleek as you want your irons to look. The quality is built very well multiple times forged. When it comes to performance there are not enough words to describe how well these perform. I am able to shape the ball anyway I want. To stop here would not be doing justice to these irons. While they are blades at their purest form, they are so well forged that they added 10 yards past my current irons (very expensive brand). If you are on the fence about these irons I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

John Cronk

These irons were the 6th set added to my collection of blades. I love the clean look of them. I purchased the heads only. The package they came in was a cool extra and fits the name. I installed project x 5.5 and they feel great. The top line is a little bigger than my other blades but current to the trends of today. The sole grinds have nice heel and toe relief and feel great through the grass. Great addition to the collection!

Hwasub Im
Thanks for good quality iron set in reasonable price

I got the iron combo set and very satisfied with the quality of it. I thought forged MB would be very soft when I ordered it. But the iron set gave me a different feeling. When I hit the ball with it, it was crispy. Even though I am not professional about golf equipment, it was different from the previous Mizuno iron and it was not a bad feeling. So if there is someone who wants to find a new experience, Ballistic iron can be a good choice.
One more thing I want to be satisfied with Ballistics was about customer care. They kept sharing the status of preparing, making, and delivering. So I can wait for my equipment in a peaceful mind.
I appreciate the equipment and customer care, again. I wish Ballistic to be the most loved golf equipment company.