Eliminate Fat Shots: Tips to Improve Your Golf Ball-Striking Precision

Struggling with hitting fat shots in golf can be frustrating and detrimental to your game. These shots often result in a heavy impact with the turf before the ball, leading to inconsistent ball flight and reduced distance. To refine your ball-striking skills and eliminate those fat shots, implementing key adjustments in your swing and setup is crucial.

Correct Ball Positioning

A common culprit of fat shots is incorrect ball positioning. Ensure the ball is placed slightly forward in your stance for iron shots. Position it just ahead of center to encourage a downward strike onto the ball. This slight adjustment can prevent the club from bottoming out too early, reducing the chances of hitting the turf before impact.

Focus on Weight Transfer

Fat shots often stem from poor weight distribution during the swing. Maintain a balanced setup and focus on a smooth weight transfer during your swing. Avoid excessive lateral movement or swaying in an effort to generate power, as this can lead to inconsistent strikes. Instead, strive for a controlled weight shift onto your lead foot through impact for a cleaner strike.

Steady Swing Tempo and Follow-Through

A rushed downswing or an abrupt transition from backswing to downswing contributes to fat shots. Concentrate on maintaining a consistent swing tempo. Ensure a smooth transition, allowing the clubhead to trace the correct path through the impact zone. Additionally, emphasize a balanced and full follow-through to indicate proper weight transfer and swing synchronization.

Dedicated Practice and Adjustments

Consistent practice sessions targeting fat shot issues are essential. Use alignment aids, practice drills, and video analysis to refine your swing mechanics. Seeking guidance from a golf professional can offer personalized insights into your swing flaws and effective corrective measures.


Struggling with fat shots can hinder your golf performance, but with targeted adjustments, improvement is within reach. By focusing on ball positioning, weight transfer, swing tempo, and dedicated practice, you can rectify these issues and enhance your ball-striking precision. Stay patient, implement these adjustments, and witness the transformation in your golf shots.

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