Covert Wedges

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Normal Wedges Are Boring.  Ballistic Wedges Aren't.


Covert wedges come with black velvet grip and our black plated stiff flex steel shaft.

*Available in Right Hand only.*


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Sale price Price $149.00 Regular price $189.00 Unit price  per 

Customer Reviews

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Perfect wedge

I feel so good because I feel like I met the perfect wedge as someone who has used a lot of wedges.
The angle of the wedge I'm using now is 47°, 50°, 56°, 60°, 64°.
What's a little disappointing about ballistic golf is that there are no 62° and 64° wedges.
Very few people use it, but you will know that Boki used to sell 64° wedges for a limited time.
I wish I could make a limited edition.
And I wish there would be a name imprinted on the club as a person who loves golf.

Craig (CAVA) Avedikian
Ballistic Wedge

I ordered the 60 deg Covert wedge. Keep in mind I have 24 wedges and I must say this wedge ranks right up at the top. Great feel, great performance, love the black shaft. Highly recommend this wedge

Andy Fleetwood
Covert Wedges

Top Quality. The wedges feel and look so good at address. The spin rates are phenomenal when compared to other “big name brand” wedges. I will never play another wedge and cannot wait until my irons are built!


Great looking clubs and solid feel. I got two Coverts and one Patriot. Was long overdue for an upgrade but immediately had more spin on my full shots and bite on my chips.

Jesse Foster
Excellent clubs

Love the covert wedges they hit excellent! They service is very good, they get the clubs out to you in a timely fashion