Choosing the Right Shafts for Your New Irons

In the world of golf equipment, drivers tend to get a lot of attention. As the longest club in the bag, and the one you can hit the farthest, it’s fun to work on optimizing your driver setup. Every player thinks they are just a couple of tweaks away from adding 10 or 15 yards off the tee.


At Ballistic Golf, we love hitting the driver, as well. But we think it’s about time that your irons got the attention they deserve. After all, if you are going to hit more greens and make more birdies, your irons are going to have to perform. Rather than just grabbing a set off the shelf from your local golf retailer or pro shop, consider ordering a custom set that is created to meet your needs perfectly.


There are three key components to keep in mind when designing and ordering your irons – the heads, the shafts, and the grips. In this article, we are going to discuss the middle piece of those three elements. If you are going to get optimal performance from your irons, it’s critical that you pick the right shaft.


Why Your Iron Shafts Matter

It’s easy to fall in love with picking out the perfect iron heads for your game. We obviously care deeply about the look and feel of iron heads, which is why we worked so hard to develop our beautiful Forged MB irons. But those heads simply won’t perform properly if they aren’t attached to the right shafts.


How can shafts impact the performance of your irons? The list below is just a starting point –


Trajectory. The trajectory that you produce with your irons is largely impacted by the shafts you choose. As a general rule of thumb, as your shafts get stiffer, the ball flight is going to come down (it’s more complicated than that – but you can remember that guideline). Players who like a penetrating ball flight will lean toward stiffer shafts, while those who like to launch the ball way into the air may favor a softer feel.
Swing speed. Your swing speed will be impacted by the weight of your shafts. As you might expect, you’ll swing a heavier club slower than a lighter club. So, does that mean you should always choose a lighter shaft to maximize swing speed? Not necessarily. Some players like using heavier shafts for the feel and trajectory they offer, even if that means leaving a little bit of swing speed on the table.
Spin rate. The spin rate your clubs produce is always a big topic of discussion in club fitting, whether it is with the driver or your irons. Too much spin can cause your shots to balloon and lack distance, while too little spin will make them hard to control. Shaft selection is a huge factor in spin rate, so don’t forget to factor this element into your decision.


A World of Options

So, at this point, you are convinced that picking our shafts to suit your game is an important part of the equipment picture. That’s a good start! But how do you pick the right shafts? You might be a little overwhelmed when you head out to look for shafts and discover there are approximately a billion options to pick from (that might be an exaggeration – but not by much).


For example, we have three shaft brands available when you order a set of custom irons from Ballistic Golf. We are proud to offer options from True Temper, KBS, and Project X. Within each of those brands, there are multiple models to pick from, and each of those models is available in a range of flexes. So, just in the collection of shafts we offer, there are 30+ specific versions that could be fitted to your irons. And those are only the shafts we have decided to offer – there are many others out there in the marketplace and we would be happy to provide any shafts you prefer!


How To Make the Right Choice

Picking a shaft at random is not a winning plan. Fortunately, you don’t need to do that. By putting modern technology to use, you can determine exactly what shaft will work best for your game.


The best way to pick an iron shaft is to go through a club fitting process at a golf facility. When you complete a club fitting, you’ll receive a wealth of information about the dynamics of your swing. That information can then be used to pick out shafts that are going to complement your swing characteristics perfectly.


You shouldn’t have to look very hard to find a qualified fitting professional to handle this task for you. Most golf courses, driving ranges, and golf stores have at least one trained club fitter on staff. Ask at your favorite golf stops and you are sure to find someone willing to help. Yes, you’ll need to pay for the services, but it typically costs only as much as a golf lesson.


Get Fitted and Place Your Order!

With your club fitting complete and appropriate shaft options identified, you’ll be ready to place your order for a new set of Ballistic irons. By taking care of the fitting process with the help of a pro, you won’t have to wonder whether or not the shafts are going to be a good fit when your clubs arrive – they will be perfect, and you can hit the ground running. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us right away. Thank you for visiting Ballistic Golf!



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