Choosing the Right Golf Grips for Your Irons

Which part of your irons do you think is the most important? Maybe the club heads, or possibly the shafts? Those two elements are extremely important, of course, but don’t overlook the value of using the right grip. Just like the other iron components, you can customize your grips, so they suit your needs perfectly.


What should you look for in a set of grips, and how do you know they are right for you? That’s the topic we’d like to dive into in this post. By picking the perfect grips for your new set of Ballistic Irons, your new clubs will feel great right out of the box.


A Puzzle with Two Pieces

There are two key elements that you need to consider when picking golf grips – size and feel.


Grip size. When talking about grips, ‘size’ refers not to the length of the grip, but rather the thickness. Grips generally come in three sizes – standard, midsize, and oversize. Standard grips are the thinnest of those three, while midsize are a little thicker, and oversize are the thickest among the standard options (there are specialty grips with a thicker design).
Grip feel. The way your grips feel in your hands during the swing is an extremely important thing to consider. There are many different options here, but a good starting point is deciding if you want a soft, smooth feel, or a textured feel. Texture can be achieved by adding cords to the rubber of the grip, or by altering the way the rubber is molded. Some golfers are more comfortable with a soft and relatively smooth grip, while others find a textured grip to offer more friction and better control.


A Starting Point on Sizing

Picking the right grip size comes down to a blend of technical thinking and personal preference. There is no hard and fast rule for who should use what size grips, but there are some guidelines you can start with. If you wear a medium or medium-large golf grip, you will probably want to look at standard grips. Those using a large grip may be better suited with a midsize grip, and players who wear an extra-large grip might want to consider an oversize grip.


You can also test the size of your current grips by grabbing one of your clubs and picking it up with your left hand (for a right-handed golfer). Take your grip with just your left hand and see how your fingers are wrapping around the club. When your grip is a good fit for your hand, you should see the middle finger on your left hand barely reaching around the grip to touch your palm close to the base of your thumb. If there is a big gap between the end of your middle finger and your palm, your grips are likely too thick. On the other hand, if your middle finger is tucked under your palm, you might be using grips that are too thin.


Once you check how your hands fit on your current grips, it should be easy to decide whether you want to stay the same with a new set or make a change to larger or smaller grips. Not sure of the sizing on your current grips? Look at the cap on the end of the grip – the size is often marked in that spot.


Breaking with Tradition

You don’t have to stick with sizing customs when picking your new grips. The points highlighted above will help you get on the right track, but those aren’t hard and fast rules. You might simply prefer the way smaller or larger grips feel when swinging the club, even if they don’t technically fit your hands quite right.


If you are a player who likes to use your hands aggressively in the full swing and the short game, you may favor thinner grips. Those thin grips will make it easier for your hands and wrists to get involved in the action. This concept can work the other way, as well. If you’d like to keep your hands quiet and allow your big muscles to control the swing, thicker grips will be perfect. Adding thickness serves to quiet down your hands and keep the clubface more stable through the hitting area.


Grip Feel is All Personal Preference

While there are some technical guidelines you can follow when picking grip size, the matter of feel is all down to what you like. If you aren’t sure what you like, try a few different options and see what you prefer. Don’t just go with what’s popular – trust your gut instinct and choose the grip that feels natural in your hands.


If you’d like a little bit of direction before you pick, the following points may be helpful –


Moisture problems. If your hands sweat a lot while you play, or if you play in a climate that frequently features rain, consider more textured grips for added control.
Sensitive skin. Does your skin blister and crack easily? If so, textured grips might be too rough for you to practice and play with regularly.
Durability. Particularly soft grips might feel nice and cushy in the pro shop, but they may not have the durability of a firmer grip.


When you order from Ballistic Golf, we have grip options from the top names in the industry like Golf Pride, Lamkin, Super Stroke, and Winn. Within each brand, there are many models to pick from, and you can select the desired size, as well. Have any questions about our irons or customization options? Get in touch today! We’d be excited to help you make your choice.

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